Best RuneScape Accounts Shops of 2021

At RS Gold For Sale, we’ve come up with a list of the best RS gold sites today who also happen to sell safe and high-level RuneScape accounts.

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Top RuneScape Accounts Selling Sites

probemas website


Established in 2013, Probemas has become one of the best resources of safe OSRS accounts, gold, and RuneScape items.

ezrsgold website


EZRSGold is an up and coming gold site that offers affordable RuneScape accounts for every player type.

partypeteshop website


PartyPeteShop is a great resource for cheap OSRS gold and high-level accounts that you can use right away.

1. Probemas

Instant Gold Delivery | 24/7 Live Chat Support | Loyalty Rewards Program

RS Accounts: In Stock | OOSRS Items: In Stock
: $0.65/M | RS3 Gold: $0.13/M

Fire Capes: In Stock | Infernal Capes: In Stock

Other RuneScape Services Offered: Questing, Power Leveling, Bossing, Minigames, Maxed Main Rentals, RS Membership Keys

2. EZRSGold

ezrsgold website

Discounts for Bulk Orders | 24/7 Customer Support | Fast Order Delivery

 RS Accounts: In Stock | OSRS Items: Not Available
OSRS Gold: $0.65/M | RS3 Gold: $0.14/M
Fire CapesNot Available | Infernal Capes: Not Available

Other RuneScape Services Offered: Quests, Power Leveling, Minigames

3. PartyPeteShop

partypeteshop website

Best Gold Price | 24/7 Live Chat | 100% Secure

RS Accounts: In StockOSRS Items: Not Available
OSRS Gold: $0.54/M | RS3 Gold: $0.10/M
Fire Capes: Not Available | Infernal Capes: Not Available

4. 4RSGold

4rsgold website

10-Minute Delivery Guarantee | 100% Safe RS Gold | Always Full Stock

 RS Accounts: In Stock | OSRS Items: Not Available
OSRS Gold: $0.62/M | RS3 Gold: $0.13/M
Fire CapesIn Stock | Infernal Capes: Not Available

Other RuneScape Services Offered: Questing

5. RSMalls

rsmalls website

Quick Delivery | Great Discounts | Lots of Gold Available

RS Accounts: In Stock | OSRS Items: In Stock
OSRS Gold: $0.66/M | RS3 Gold: $0.12/M
OSRS Items: In Stock | RS Accounts: In Stock
Fire CapesIn Stock | Infernal Capes: Not Available

Other RuneScape Services Offered: Power Leveling, Questing

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Frequently Asked Questions About RuneScape Accounts

Who are we?

RSGoldForSale is here to help you find the best place to buy OSRS accounts from along with our gold site review services. You can be sure that you’ll only be dealing with legit RuneScape account shops that can deliver safe accounts to you.

What is a Runescape Account?

An Account is the means of identification for RuneScape players. It holds all the information on the player’s in-game activities, including their OSRS skills and achievements, all the RS items they own, and the quests they have completed.

How much do I need to pay for a Old School RuneScape Account?

RuneScape account prices varies and it highly depends on the skill levels, quests completed, items owned, and the gold possessed by the account itself. Some OSRS accounts can be bought for just $5 while high-tier ones can cost as much as $2000 to $3000 to acquire.

Where can I buy Runescape Accounts online?

First-time account buyers should be wary of scams since most of the sellers online will send you the account but will retrieve it from you after a few days or weeks. For this reason, we highly suggest dealing with only reputable RuneScape account stores like Probemas who offers OSRS Accounts that has no recoveries and no registered emails.

Is it safe to buy RS Accounts?

If you will be buying from one of the best RuneScape accounts sites we listed above, then you can be certain that it is safe to buy RS accounts. It’s best to check if the website has good reviews from verified customers. We also recommend that you don’t buy accounts created on flagged countries by Jagex to avoid getting your account suspended these are mostly countries in South America like Venezuela. Also, make sure that you change the password and recovery email if there is one, so the previous owners won’t be able to get the account back from you without your knowledge.


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