RuneScape Trolls, Trials and a Trailer

Jagex, makers of RuneScape, the world’s most popular and multi-award winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online adventure game, today unveiled their latest cinematic trailer to celebrate the release of RuneScape’s new members starting experience: The Troll Warzone.

New players will begin their RuneScape adventure with the new questline, designed to introduce them to the members? game, as well as familiarize them with RuneScape’s rich and extensive lore. Describing the Troll Warzone content, Jagex’s Chief Creative Officer Alex Horton explained,

“We’ve created a brand new opening experience that will wow players right from the very start, it’s the perfect introduction for anyone experiencing the epic adventure that is RuneScape”.

To celebrate the games latest evolution, Jagex is also giving all new players a free 14-day trial to RuneScape’s membership expansion, to allow everyone the opportunity to experience all that RuneScape has to offer. This includes full access to the entire RuneScape world, 100’s of hours of member’s quests, an additional 9 powerful skills, 20 compelling mini-games, full-screen gaming, and much, much more. Commenting on the complimentary trial, Mark Ogilvie, RuneScape’s Lead Designer stated:

“What better way to celebrate RuneScape’s awesome new opening experience than to invite everyone to try out the latest features with a trial of the member’s game. So why not create a free account, join RuneScape, and begin your adventure today?”

Mark continues, “The trailer tells the story behind The Troll Warzone and acts as the perfect introduction to RuneScape – an online adventure of epic proportions.

RuneScape offers players unrivaled levels of content, skills, and challenges, designed to satisfy the appetite of novice and experienced adventurers alike”.

Remarking on the collaboration, Murray Butler, Creative Director of visual effects powerhouse Framestore in New York’ explained “This was an opportunity to create an eye-popping fight sequence where we push speed ramps and camera moves to the extreme”.

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